FERCAM is awarded the “Logistico dell’anno 2023” prize, twice

(Bolzano, 23 Novembre 2023) In 2023, the South Tyrolean transport and logistics company FERCAM has doubly won the prestigious recognition established by Assologistica. The success comes both for the “REcrate” project in the sustainability-circular economy sector, and for the individual award to Dino Menichetti, Regional Manager of FERCAM Rome, for his extraordinary personal contribution.

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The award ceremony took place on November 23, 2023, at the Belvedere Jannacci-Pirelli Skyscraper in Milan.

Corporate Award for the REcrate Project
The corporate award for FERCAM was received by Davide Aonso - Division Director Transport Italy & Special Services, and on behalf of Chiara Prisco - Fine Art Business Unit Manager Special Services, both particularly pleased with the appreciation and official recognition of the company's efforts and commitment by a highly qualified jury. “The award given to us 'For innovation in the field of Environmental and Social Sustainability', as the recognition plaque states, confirms the validity of the circular economy solution adopted by FERCAM Fine Art for one of the main challenges in the art logistics sector: the use of custom-made crates, created with high-quality materials, which after a single transport could see their function exhausted. This seemingly insurmountable problem, due to the strict regulations governing art transport, has found a solution in the circular economy thanks to “REcrate”, proudly states Chiara Prisco, who together with Davide Aonso followed the development of the project.

Details on “REcrate”
The “REcrate” project aims at the upcycling of crates used for the transport of artworks, turning a problem into an opportunity for sustainable development. “REcrate” goes beyond the proposal of reusing wood to produce new, perfectly standard, but environmentally low-impact transport crates. The real strength of the initiative lies in the partnership with FERCAM Echo Labs, which has allowed giving new life to the wood, even after the primary function of the crates is exhausted, thus experiencing a third life. The innovation of “REcrate” is not limited to environmental sustainability. Thanks to FERCAM Echo Labs' carpentry, the project also has a strong social impact, offering job opportunities to vulnerable groups such as political refugees and the disabled. The recycling of the crates also leads to the recovery of other packaging materials, such as Ethafoam, further contributing to the project's sustainability.

Personal Award for Commitment to Sustainable Logistics
Great satisfaction for the personal award obtained by Dino Menichetti, who with determination and foresight was able to recognize and promote ESG values within FERCAM, even beyond the canonical boundaries of the logistics business. Menichetti personally contributed to the launch of the Emission Free Project (which saw its pilot project in Rome, in his Region), with the ambitious goal of significantly reducing harmful emissions related to logistics and transport activities. His commitment, combined with that of other project actors, contributed, in 2021 alone, to FERCAM preventing over 33,000 tons of CO2, thanks to the revision of the vehicle fleet, rational use of resources, and adoption of ecological tractions and fuels.