FERCAM and ITS Academy Last: a partnership to revolutionize the future of sustainable transport

[Verona, February 27, 2024] The collaboration between the South Tyrolean logistics and transportation company FERCAM and the students of the Higher Technician courses in International Logistics Management and Higher Technician Expert in endothermic, hybrid, and electric vehicles from the ITS Academy Last in Verona is based on an innovative project work, at the center of yesterday's event in Sommacampagna, that prioritizes the practical training of students on eco-friendly transportation technologies

The meeting focused on evaluating the project work assigned to students, who, through the study of realistic scenarios faced daily by FERCAM, developed a custom tool for comparing different alternative traction vehicles and traditional diesel means; this tool also allows for the assessment of environmental feasibility as well as operational efficiency and the economic impact of potential conversions.

This analytical tool, based on various operational and environmental parameters, such as the type of fuel (hydrogen, biomethane, methane, electric), the weight of the load, and the distance travelled, is capable of providing a detailed evaluation of operational costs, CO2 emissions, and the overall efficiency of different vehicle options, thus supporting informed decisions towards ecological transition in the transport sector.

Positive cooperation between the world of education and the company
In line with its strategic vision, the FERCAM Group continues to invest in sustainable solutions for the logistics sector.

The collaboration between FERCAM and ITS highlights a shared commitment to innovation and practical training, crucial for preparing tomorrow's professionals for the challenges of the logistics sector. Through this joint work, FERCAM actively contributes to the training of a new generation of logistics experts, ready to navigate and shape the future of freight transport. The support of Daimler Truck Italia at the event enriched the students' educational experience, offering them a direct overview of the latest technologies and vehicles that could drive the future of sustainable transport. In fact, two vehicles were present, one electric and one diesel of the latest generation, powered by HVO, of which Daimler's expert trainers revealed the technological secrets to the students.

Dino Menichetti, Regional Manager of DACHSER & FERCAM Italia, highlighted the importance of the event: «This project study not only provides students with an unparalleled practical experience but also encourages them to think critically about sustainable solutions that can be implemented in our sector». Marta Bolognesi, HR Recruiting and Career Development Specialist, added: «Initiatives like these are essential to show future logistics professionals the innovations and challenges that await them, preparing them for the possibility of making a difference in terms of sustainable growth».