FERCAM turns 15 in Poland and Bulgaria

15 years have passed since the opening of our Branches in Poland and Bulgaria. The history of the two began almost simultaneously in 2007, when Hansjörg Faller, Director of International Freight Management, contacted and brought on board the two Country Managers, Eli Ileva and Wojciech Zdrojewski.
FERCAM turns 15 in Poland and Bulgaria
Are there any particular difficulties you have encountered during these 15 years?  

Eli Illieva: Many problems surely revolve around the shortage of trucks and the insufficient number of drivers. In addition, lately, we are facing an increase in transport costs and a lack of security and stability, due to the peculiar historical period we are experiencing. But thanks to our colleagues from neighbouring countries we feel less alone, in particular, I felt the closeness of my colleagues from Poland and Romania.

Wojciech Zdrojewski: FERCAM Poland is well underway in land transport. If I am not mistaken we are the country with the largest number of trucks on European soil. Our difficulty now is certainly the lack of drivers to operate our vehicles. This shortage of workforce is certainly also due to the conflict that is currently afflicting Ukraine, as many drivers from this country have returned home to enlist. In addition, this conflict has led to a commodity crisis, as we all know.

What kind of goods do you transport most often hand what are your most important routes?

Eli Illieva: Our branch in the capital, Sofia, is particularly specialized in the transport of tires. This type of goods requires some technical skills that we at FERCAM Bulgaria have developed to facilitate this particular kind of transport. We also transport other goods such as glass, metal, and agricultural or crop protection industry products. As for the routes, we are very active in connections with Italy, Germany, and several Eastern European countries

Wojciech Zdrojewski: After opening our first branch in Warsaw, we understood that our path to success should involve building trust with our customers, which would lead us to last partnerships. Based on this principle we have managed to expand the number of Branches in our country, thus also giving way to sea shipments in Gdynia and airfreight in Warsaw. Our last opening was in Poznan, last February. Thanks to the network we built on the Polish territory, we now have solid connections with several European countries, particularly Italy, Germany, Austria, and many other countries in eastern Europe.

What have been your strengths through these years?

Eli Illieva: I have by my side people who are highly motivated, and matched my fighting spirit.

Wojciech Zdrojevski: The sense of unity we have created was the strength that accompanied us on the road to success.