In Castellbisbal, FERCAM opens the doors to culture to talk about integration

In June, the town of Castellbisbal saw the first edition of “NYS Poligon Arts”, a festival whose purpose is to create a connection between industrial space and contemporary culture. The various initiatives were hosted at production plants, warehouses and in green areas, temporarily converted into stages and exhibition galleries.
The program included various types of events, from artistic installations to dance performances, from video projections to concerts and much more. Humanizing the industry, bringing culture within it, this is the purpose of the festival. The name chosen also recalls its intent, as it was inspired by the past of local manufacturing, cantered on the production of amphorae in Roman times, and connected to Caius Trocina Synecdemus, a slave of African origins who managed to obtain freedom and citizenship.

FERCAM was also among the companies that welcomed the festival events. In the spaces of our branch, the videomaker Aleix Mateu presented a visual installation focused on the phenomenon of contemporary migration, on the International Refugee Day. On the same day, FERCAM also hosted the conference by researcher Diana Gorostidi, during which the story of the discovery of the NYS seal and the investigation into its meaning was illustrated.

Thanks to the intervention of the illustrator Anna Mimó, drawings for a new customization of FERCAM vehicles were made, with the involvement of the pupils of some schools in the city. The result was five new colourful graphics, for a transport made real art.

"I want to thank my colleagues who have worked with the organizers of the festival to make this possible", commented Xavier Majem, Country Manager. "We are very happy to have had the opportunity to take part in an event that unites two worlds, bringing culture within our industries. Moreover, we are even more so because we are here on an important day, that of the Refugee, to reflect on one of the most noteworthy issues of our time. We hope that the festival will be repeated again next year, we will be happy to host new events and initiatives and show how important participation in local communities is for FERCAM".