Nuovo furgone elettrico per FERCAM Roma: bello ed efficiente

FERCAM wished the city of Rome a Merry Christmas with the new MAN eTGE electric vehicle, which began distribution in the historic centre of Rome last December. Author of the design that brightens up the classic gray attire, is Chiara C., a 12-year-old artist, who thus imagined FERCAM's commitment to the EMISSION FREE DELIVERY project, for eco-sustainable distribution.

The new vehicle, which now enlivens the streets of the Italian Capital every day with touches of bright green, is also equipped with a Truckscreenia digital panel, another innovation that FERCAM is experimenting with on its vehicles. 

eTGE is MAN's zero-emission electric van model that does not lack attention to noise pollution, reducing sound emissions to almost zero. It is a vehicle designed for the city and for the well-being of its inhabitants, while responding to the needs of last mile logistics. The eTGE van is equipped with an innovative electric motor that guarantees high energy efficiency and low wear, very important characteristics for journeys with frequent intermediate stops or in heavy traffic in the city center. 

Dino Menichetti, Regional Manager, comments: "Electric vehicles are the best solution for last-mile deliveries: the daily distances to be covered are on average equal to 100 kilometers, which allows us to charge the vehicle only at night. As a zero-emission vehicle, our electric vehicle does not suffer from restrictions on circulation in limited access areas and is protected from the risk of traffic blocks such as those that are increasingly indispensable for containing traffic in large metropolitan cities. The fact that it is so silent also allows us to make deliveries as needed, even at night, without disturbing the sleep of our fellow citizens. 

FERCAM Rome thus becomes a prototype Branch for a project that envisions a gradual transition to methods that are increasingly in line with the times, aimed at respecting the environment and close to the EU zero emissions targets. The realization of the project led to having 3 single-phase double socket 22 KW / h columns at the Branch, to allow fast recharging of electric vehicles. These columns will also be available to suppliers and will be used to power the electric company cars made available for coordination activities.