New intermodal technology to inaugurate the Düsseldorf-Vienna section

Since the beginning of April, FERCAM has activated a new intermodal section for traffic between Germany and Austria. The line is managed with Helrom's innovative Megaswing, a system dedicated to a wide variety of types of trailers, which develops the modalhor method to ensure high efficiency in the loading and unloading phases.
"We knew that there was widespread interest in the development of this axis, crucial for the Countries bordering Austria, namely Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Several customers have already benefited from it", explains Peter Stadtmann, Regional Manager. "We are among the first companies to have tested the new Helrom Trailer Rail system and we are very satisfied with it. It is our intention to expand the intermodal offer as much as possible. It’s an efficient and competitive transport solution, which allows for a truly significant reduction in carbon emissions. This is why we aim to further develop this section in terms of volume in the near future".

Herlom technology represents a development over the benefits of the RoLa mode (Rollende Landstraße, or rolling highway). In fact, it allows to transport complete trailers but without tractor, thus leaving the drivers free to take care of other transports. The trailers are loaded and unloaded very quickly, thanks to the technology that allows horizontal movement of the railway wagon and does not require any additional infrastructure or crane for lifting. During loading, the hydraulic supports are lowered, the trailer driven backwards to the platform and anchored; the tractor is then unhitched and can leave the terminal. The operation, repeated in reverse for downloading, takes about 3 minutes in total.

"The possibility of using terminals where there is no crane is a substantial advantage, which opens up new operational scenarios that are currently unexplored. To achieve FERCAM's environmental sustainability objectives, intermodality represents a very important pillar, especially if supported by technological innovation and improvement in infrastructural conditions", comments Stadtmann.
The current program includes 3 weekly departures in both directions, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from Vienna - Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Düsseldorf. The transit time is 23 hours and all types of trailers can be transported, whether liftable or not, including mega trailers and refrigerated trailers.

The service is managed by the FERCAM Troisdorf and Busto Arsizio Branches. For more information please contact:
Stefano Mastinu - +49 2241 8780119 / +49 152 09357089
Thomas Neureiter - +49 2241 8780117 / +49 172 8888807
Aldo Malfasi - +39 0331 383878 / +39 342 6466504