Smart screens for emissions reduction on the Brenner axis

FERCAM has always cared about respecting the environment and the sustainability of transport. For this reason, in addition to corporate projects for the adoption of increasingly ecological solutions, we participate and support initiatives that share our same vision and goals for a greener future. Since the beginning, we felt very close to the BrennerLEC project, which aims to protect the Alpine territory of the Adige Valley, where our headquarters is located. We are therefore happy to have been able to support the cause, thanks to the new Truckscreenia displays placed on the back of some of our trucks. 

In the FERCAM2025 Strategy, attention to environmental protection is a point of great importance, transversal to all business areas. We have already implemented several solutions to reduce the emissions of our vehicles and we will continue to innovate, to reach the EU zero emissions targets as soon as possible. 

FERCAM continues to support the BrennerLEC project, led by Autostrada del Brennero SpA. The project aims to create a low-emission corridor (LEC = Lower Emission Corridor), making vehicular traffic on the Brenner axis more respectful of the health of the resident population and the territory. 

To obtain this result, drivers are asked to maintain an average speed of 100 km/h, between the Egna-Ora and San Michele-Mezzocorona stations, regardless of the limits set forth. The first year of experimentation has shown that by simply reducing the transit speed of 15 km/h it is possible to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions by 10%. 

Thanks to the new Truckscreenia displays, our vehicles can help support the cause. In this section, the dynamic screens show a message that reminds motorists to slow down to keep within 100km/h. The slogan «Take your foot off the gas» appears on the EPD (Electronic Paper Display) screen, together with the logo of the BrennerLEC project. We trust that this small contribution can assist in the propagation of the initiative and serve as a reminder for those who wish to support it with us. 

Smart and eco-sustainable, this is how we imagined the future of FERCAM. A future that is already becoming a reality today. 


FERCAM has chosen to support Truckscreenia, a start-up founded by young talents thanks to the incentive project promoted by NOI Techpark in Bolzano, based on provincial funding funds. The young company operates in the "Smart Mobility" sector and has developed a georeferenced digital communication system: using a smart screen integrated into a device, which is fixed on the back of certain types of vehicles, Truckscreenia System can provide dynamic and targeted information, in real time, on the road, for advertising, road safety and public utility.