Towards a Zero Emission Groupage

FERCAM, EDISON ENERGIA and IVECO: building the future of sustainable transport, together

[Rimini, 22 marzo 2023] The South Tyrolean transport and logistics company FERCAM, on the occasion of the K.EY - The Energy Transition EXPO, Italy's leading event for renewable energies and energy efficiency, held in Rimini from March 22 to 24, '23, in cooperation with IVECO and EDISON ENERGY, presented “Zero Emission Groupage”. This is an innovative and scalable groupage transport service that aims to drastically reduce emissions in the Well-to-Wheel cycle by combining several factors concurrently: state-of-the-art vehicles, biofuels, renewable energy.
The one activated by FERCAM between Milan and Rome is the first complete groupage line, from first to last mile, to be structured with a view to zero emissions in the Well-to-Wheel cycle. This is made possible by using electric or biofuel-powered vehicles. The electricity used is partly obtained from direct production by photovoltaic plants, and the natural gas (LNG and CNG) is derived solely from non-fossil sources. Finally, thanks to residual emission offsetting initiatives, which can be implemented in cooperation with customers, the goal of carbon-neutral transport can be achieved. 

«Our first groupage line aiming at carbon neutrality is now active between the cities of Rome and Milan», explains Hannes Baumgartner, Managing Director of FERCAM. «This first experience will provide us with data and guide us for subsequent connections, which we plan to activate soon. Our Zero Emission Groupage is a project through which we aim to bring transport emissions to zero, thanks to partnerships with key players in the supply chain who share our same goals and our long-range vision».

The Zero Emission Groupage project, in cooperation with IVECO and EDISON ENERGIA

The first groupage transport service aimed at drastically reducing emissions on the entire route was implemented in cooperation with Edison Energia and IVECO, partners able to contribute their know-how and technologically innovative solutions to the objectives of decarbonisation of the logistics and transport services offered by FERCAM.
The project stars the IVECO range, starting with the eDaily, the usual Daily, simply electrically recharged, thanks to photovoltaic systems, perfect for the city, the Daily powered by Bio-CNG, again for urban and suburban distribution and, finally, the IVECO S-Way Bio-LNG and Bio-CNG, for connections between FERCAM branches, a true champion of sustainability.

Massimiliano Perri, General Manager of IVECO Mercato Italia, says: «IVECO has once again renewed its multi-technological vocation, thanks to a range suited to any type of mission, in the full pursuit of sustainable business development and complete protection of the environment. Thanks to this pioneering approach, we are now able to support our partners FERCAM and EDISON in the decarbonisation of entire sections of the logistics chain».
Edison Energia, a leading producer and marketer of electricity, gas and energy services, supplies biomethane and Bio-LNG at filling stations identified jointly with FERCAM.
«The collaboration we have started with FERCAM and IVECO involves us as a supplier of biomethane and Bio-LNG. Furthermore, using the Edison fuel Card, we efficiently support FERCAM in accounting for the Bio-LNG consumption of its vehicles. We started in Rome and Milan, but the hope for the future is to extend the collaboration and replicate this sustainable mobility model at other FERCAM sites» says Davide Macor, Business Market Director at EDISON ENERGIA.

Towards zero-emission transport: on the Milan-Rome route, FERCAM travels on electric and biofuels

For more than two years, the South Tyrolean logistics operator FERCAM has been running the Emission Free Project, a research and innovation study aimed at testing and introducing transport services with reduced CO2 emissions, with a focus on last-mile urban distribution. The very positive feedback from customers, as well as increasingly pressing needs to offer concrete and scalable solutions for reducing emissions on entire distribution routes, led the South Tyrolean Company to introduce this new service.

The first groupage line aiming at carbon neutrality is active through FERCAM's distribution platforms in Rome and Rho. However, FERCAM intends to extend the Zero Emission Groupage project to other distribution lines on the Italian territory, as it is a highly scalable model, to offer increasingly broad and capillary coverage of a service whose final goal is zero-impact freight transport.