Update on Coronavirus emergency

Tutte le merci possono circolare liberamente in entrata, uscita e transito, ha chiarito il Capo del Dipartimento della Protezione Civile nel comunicato del Ministro dell’Interno Lamorgese.

A dedicated team at FERCAM is monitoring the development of the Coronavirus situation and we continue to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of all our collaborators and partners.

FERCAM remains operative during this difficult time, in order to guarantee the continuity of our service and the productivity of your business. All this in full compliance with the safety regulations imposed by the government.

The indications provided by the Chief of the Civil Protection Department in the announcement of the Ministry of the Interior Lamorgese clarify all doubts and would like to remind that goods are allowed to circulate freely.

It has been also clarified that goods are not carriers of the disease, and can therefore circulate without any restrictions. Drivers, for demonstrated work reasons, cannot be subject to restrictions in driving, while during loading and unloading of the goods must adopt all necessary precautions that have been imposed to natural persons.

Unaccompanied combined transport is the best way to transport goods without risking any possibility of spreading the disease, being it the only way of transport where people do not follow the load. However, this transport modality cannot guarantee the transport capacity required.

We continue to assist you for every need, and we are at your complete disposal with alternative communication means, such as video calls, phone and emails.
You can contact your reference person or the nearest branch office.