FERCAM: Hydrogen and electric, but also solidarity, inclusion, and circular economy for the Green Logistics Expo in Padua

In FERCAM sustainable logistics is made of alternative fuels and technological innovations, but it also consists in social solidarity initiatives, projects of inclusion and circular economy.

FERCAM: Hydrogen and electric, but also solidarity, inclusion, and circular economy for the Green Logistics Expo in Padua

Innovative technologies - alternative fuels
3 different vehicles from the fleet were exhibited on the forecourt of the Fair, as an example of the technologies adopted by FERCAM to reduce harmful emissions: the full electric FIAT Ducato, used for last mile deliveries in the city of Bolzano, a 7.2 tonnes methane tractor, part of the Rome vehicle fleet, and one of the LNG trucks that will soon be able to travel along the Brenner axis with the bio fuel produced by Biogas Wipptal.
Social solidarity, inclusion, circular economy
The same exhibition stand was entirely made with reused materials: cardboard panels, designer furniture made by eco-designers using recycled wood from disposable pallets, carefully disassembled, peeled and cleaned; green islands with aromatic plants, herbs and flowers, which once the fair is concluded will be destined to areas dedicated to biodiversity, already present in several branches of the company.
The realization of the stand was entrusted to FERCAM Echo Labs, the Group’s non-profit Social Enterprise, established in 2021 with the aim of developing social and environmental compensation projects, to neutralise the impacts consequent to the exercise of business activities. FERCAM Echo Labs supports concrete and scalable initiatives of circular economy, sustainable consumption, environmental protection, people’s well-being and inclusion.
Further information:www.echolabs.fercam.com

Alternative sources in FERCAM from LNG to hydrogen, a dedicated round table
With the goal of reaching climate neutrality as soon as possible and thanks to a network of collaborations that makes the transition to environmentally friendly transport and logistics feasible, FERCAM is investing in state-of-the-art technologies, both for long-distance transport, as well as for urban distribution, and for corporate buildings.
After introducing LNG engines to its fleet, with the aim of supplying these shortly with BioLNG produced from renewable sources, FERCAM is actively supporting the research and development of hydrogen vehicles. During the Green Logistics Expo, the logistics multinational organized a panel, involving CNR-ITAE, Sapio Group and Iveco.

The first two have signed with FERCAM a memorandum of understanding for the development of hydrogen vehicles and storage solutions, with Iveco, on the other hand, the company started testing on deliveries in urban and suburban areas with the first prototype of hydrogen eDaily.

FERCAM: innovation at Padua's Green Logistics Expo