The art of sustainability: an agreement between FERCAM Fine Art and Saviola

Thanks to FERCAM’s agreement with Saviola Group and Mediaservice Recycling, the crates for works of art transport that are no longer reusable can now be transformed into modular furniture and 100% ecological panels from recycled and regenerated wood.
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Do you like the new kitchen? It once contained a paining by Raphael! A good anecdote to tell your guests during dinner: the furniture in the dining room is made of ecological panels, made of recycled wood which in its primary use was intended for the transport of artworks belonging to the international cultural heritage.

«Our internal carpentry activity is one of the pillars of artworks handling operations», explains Chiara Prisco, head of the Fine Art BU. «We independently produce, according to specific needs, all the crates for transport activities. The legislation that regulates the transfer of cultural assets requires that precise rules for packaging materials be respected, so we use very valuable multilayer wood panels to manufacture the crates. Whenever possible, we readjust them for subsequent transports, but the production needs of new crates still tend to outweigh the opportunities for reuse».

At FERCAM Rome an agreement was already in place with Mediaservice Recycling, for the recycling or reuse of all materials used in the transport and distribution of goods, from cartons to pallets and packaging. Thanks to the triangulation with this company, the FERCAM Fine Art managed to get in touch with the Saviola Group, specialized in wood recycling for the production of chipboard panels. For several decades, Saviola has been operating in a circular economy perspective, pushing towards cooperation between different companies, to achieve real changes and pursue concrete objectives in terms of environmental sustainability. From now on, the wooden crates that are no longer reusable will be collected by Mediaservice and delivered to Saviola, to be recycled and transformed into furnishing elements.

«Since the nineties we have been producing furniture and panels from post-consumer wood without cutting down a single tree», commented the President of the Group, Alessandro Saviola. «Our wood comes from old and disused furniture, pallets, fruit boxes and now also from transport crates thanks to this important collaboration. The agreement with FERCAM arises from this new green opportunity and makes the supply of our raw material even more varied. Our commitment is established under the sign of sustainability and guarantees the quality of our products, which derive from a controlled and certified raw material».

Chiara Prisco concludes: «We are really happy to have signed this agreement, since it had been our desire for some time to identify a way to enhance this noble material, which is now finding a second life. Wood is a precious resource, it should not be wasted: thanks to this solution we feel more serene and proud to be able to say that we have significantly reduced the environmental impact of our activities».