Customs assistance service for import and export - FERCAM
Customs assistance service for import and export - FERCAM
Customs clearance

Customs assistance service for import and export

Our customs consultancy service addresses the needs of companies operating on foreign markets.

Expert management of customs procedures for your international shipments

If your company operates on foreign markets, you certainly know how important correct and fast customs procedure handling is, in order to be competitive in your trading business. FERCAM is a certified Authorised Economic Operator - Full (AEOF) and is recognized by the Customs Authority for adequate standards of competence and professional qualifications in the customs field as well as having adequate safety standards.

What does the customs clearance service include?

FERCAM, as an AEO operator, manages all your customs procedures, has an Authorized Deposit authorization and can carry out customs activities at its warehouses. 
  • FERCAM can fulfill the administrative and tax practices for products subject to excise duty regime (alcohol and energy), possessing tax filing licenses and registered recipient. We offer an exclusive service for those who wish to buy or sell excise goods in other EU countries, but do not have an excise code for wine or beer, or need assistance for the transmission of their accounts to the competent customs authority. 
  • With its customs warehouse, FERCAM offers the possibility of importing goods from abroad, while remaining in suspension of customs duties and national taxes, until the destination of the goods is decided. FERCAM, with its customs warehouse, offers interesting facilities to the economic operators, especially in the transit trade, allowing you to buy the goods when the offer on the external market is most favorable and to sell them at the most profitable moment. 
  • The tax warehouse for VAT purposes offers the possibility of importing goods from abroad while remaining in suspension of national taxes, until the destination of the goods is decided, obtaining an advantage in terms of cash liquidity. 
  • FERCAM, through a specialized structure belonging to its group, offers the management of the Intrastat service for third parties, guaranteeing an advantageous time saving. 

The advantages of the FERCAM customs service

Our main services:

  • Operations and customs declarations for the export and import of goods to and from non-EU countries;
  • Customs operations of temporary import and export;
  • Inward and outward processing
  • Issuing of Transit documents;
  • Processing and classification of goods also with the issue of binding customs certificates BTI (Binding Tariff Information)
  • Advice and assistance for Certification for the purposes of origin BIO. (Binding Information of Origin);
  • Consultancy and practical completion for the purpose of obtaining the A.E.O. Certification;
  • Consultancy for obtaining the status of Authorized Exporter;
  • Consultancy and assistance for alcoholic and energy goods subject to excise duties;
  • Assistance in requesting customs and tax procedures and excise concessions;
  • INTRASTAT declarations for third parties relating to intra-community trade in goods and services;
  • Request for Certificates of Origin;
  • Request for import and export licenses to the MISE.

Approved places (ex domiciled procedure)
  • Issuing of customs notes both for imports from EXTRA-EU countries and for exports to EXTRA-EU countries 
  • Transit documents issue and discharge (T1 and T2) 
  • Introduction and extraction in customs warehouse 
Customs warehouse
Allows you to have the suspension from the payment of customs duties and VAT for goods from non-EU countries, for an indefinite period. 
VAT deposit
Allows you to have the suspension from paying the tax.
Excise tax deposit
Allows you to send, receive and store goods on behalf of third parties goods to "excise" charges.
Intrastat service
Declarations, on behalf of third parties, of the supplies of goods and services within the community.

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