Life in FERCAM
Life in FERCAM
Life in FERCAM

Our values

Our values are the ideal behaviors that inspire us, on the basis of which we create a shared corporate culture every day, in which we can recognize ourselves and make use of in individual choices.

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Determination, Accountability, Respect and Enthusiasm: they are 4 simple principles, but full of meaning and expectation. They are the Values on which our common culture is based, which direct our choices and our behavior in our Company. They are the premise on which, year after year, by overcoming every challenge that arises, we are building together FERCAM's success.
fercam values determination


We at FERCAM... have a great ambition to meet the challenges we have set ourselves. Commitment and initiative are our hallmarks. We always give our best, are very motivated and face the obstacles because we recognize opportunities beyond the effort. ​​

We support each other and work as a team. We set ourselves challenging goals, share the reasons with the team and take responsibility for the results.
fercam values accountability


For Us at FERCAM... accountability is everything. Without accountability, every process, project or relationship (promise) does not work. Therefore, when we take care of the requirements expressed by our managers, customers, colleagues, suppliers or partners, we keep to the agreement and carry out the necessary activities in an proactive way to achieve the expected result. We know how to give guidance and orientation when our employees need us (for example in the jungle of priorities). We support them and give them confidence especially in the most difficult moments so that they too can be reliable.
fercam values respect


For Us at FERCAM... respect is the key to good collaboration. We show respect not only by always greeting and thanking our colleagues, but above all by not making distinctions (gender, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation) and not making unjustified favoritism. We respect the rules of operation, roles and corporate responsibilities. We earn the esteem of our colleagues through commitment and results every single day. We evaluate a process or result positively or not positively, but we do not judge anyone's character, beliefs or values. We know how to recognize the contribution of each individual by saying thank you or by giving transparent and timely feedback which helps to provide positive growth momentum.
fercam values enthusiasm


We at FERCAM... are positive people. Our actions are characterized by passion and dedication, trying to drag and involve those who relate with us. Getting out of the comfort zone is for us a way to overcome our limits and we are happy when we have the opportunity to learn from both mistakes and successes in order to always improve ourselves. We are always looking for new ways and new solutions to reach and exceed our objectives. We embrace change while supporting employees in developing their talents and overcoming difficulties.