Our values


Criticism must not be an end in itself but constructive and aimed at improving. We don’t look for culprits but actions to work on to not repeat the mistake. I look for and accept the decision of the group after a peaceful confrontation. Without 100% unanimous support of whoever takes responsibility.


I am transparent and don’t hide anything. In the context of transparency, I try to illustrate topics with the utmost clarity and awareness and make sure that everyone has understood me correctly.


Loyalty means being honest, saying how things are, being consistent, respecting the decisions taken, being serious, not to make actions for personal gain at the expense of other people or the company.


The company’s success is the success of all! We win together, we lose together. We help each other in difficulty because each success contributes to the success of the whole team!


While pursuing objectives I decide autonomously, take the initiative, do, check, communicate if something isn’t congruent with the aim, in those cases correct and involve other people, all to reach the goal. I take responsibility for my actions and their consequences.


I am actively confident. I am loyal, fair and transparent in order to establish a mutual relationship.


I respect the individual and the work of others. I act towards others as I would like others to act towards me, addressing them politely.


I set ambitious goals and reach them with commitment and perseverance. I focus and concentrate on objectives. If there are obstacles I recognize them, I am not discouraged, and try to overcome them and if necessary ask for help.


I say what I do and do what I say. I respect commitments and deadlines. My words have value. I put everything in place necessary for the proper functioning of everything entrusted to me.
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