Why choose FERCAM
Why choose FERCAM

6 reasons to choose FERCAM

What distinguishes us from other places of work? What features best describe our professional mission? What could we never give up? For those thinking about why they should choose to join the FERCAM team, we have 6 excellent reasons.


We offer our customers a highly specialised set of logistics services, from full loads to groupage, including contract logistics, sea freight, removals, trade fairs and much more. To those who choose to join our team, our company offers many opportunities for learning, specialisation and exchange.


Our primary goal is to provide a very high quality of service to our customers, and we do our best to ensure that every step of the process complies with our shared standards. If you embrace challenge and find satisfaction in a job well done, FERCAM is right for you.


We believe that investing in efficient and cutting-edge technology is the key winning strategy card for a logistics company. IT, automation, fast processes, continuous modernisation and digitalisation: FERCAM is constantly evolving.


We are very much aware that the transport sector has an impact on the environment. We strive to implement protective and ecological solutions, because we really care about safeguarding the environment.


Promoting the development of people is of paramount importance: if its people grow, then the company grows. We sustain this virtuous circle by running structured courses and dedicated training programmes that are personalised according to the needs of each member of staff and individual.


For the goods we ship and for those who work with us, we strive to guarantee respect for health & safety, at all times and in all cases. For this reason, we conduct regular audits and we have created internal functions aimed at optimally safeguarding these corporate aspects. With FERCAM, there is no need to worry.