Logistics and transport for tiles and raw materials - FERCAM
Logistics and transport for tiles and raw materials - FERCAM
Logistics for the tile sector

Logistics and transport service for tiles and raw materials

Specifically for the ceramics sector, FERCAM provides an innovative, sustainable and highly competitive transport system.

Tile logistics: shipment of ceramic products to and from the Sassuolo ceramics production district

The producers of the ceramics in this manufacturing district can rely on the expertise of our specialist staff dedicated to this sector at our Sassuolo branch. Our dedicated vehicles collect finished product directly from your facilities daily. Based on your specific needs, goods storage and handling are optimised for shipment to all destinations in Italy and abroad.

From the ceramics manufacturing district to the markets of Northern Europe and throughout Italy, your products travel wherever possible by combined road-rail transport. To ensure ever greater efficiency and competitiveness, the unit load devices can be used for the import shipments of bulk and packaged raw materials such as clay, kaolins and feldspar from Germany to be used in the production of tiles and ceramics.

The advantages of FERCAM tile logistics

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