Integrated logistics solutions for the supply chain - FERCAM
Integrated logistics solutions for the supply chain - FERCAM
Contract Logistics and warehousing

Integrated Logistics Solutions

Tailored logistics for Supply Chain Management

With multiple specialized logistics centers distributed across Italy and Europe, FERCAM offers numerous solutions for your warehouse logistics

Our specialized team offers customized solutions for integrated logistics, taking care of every aspect: from warehouse management to packaging material retrieval, including Reverse Logistics. We handle goods storage, inventory management, transport, and delivery to the end consumer.

Logistics and innovation

We bridge the gap between tradition and technological innovation in warehouse management, with an increasingly sustainable perspective

IT Solutions
FERCAM has numerous advanced logistics centres for goods storage. The last generation surveillance systems also guarantee the total safety of stored goods. We carefully follow the reception, loading and offloading of goods through quality controls managed by advanced operating systems, which maximize the management of warehouse information.

The internal I.T. department develops ad hoc EDI integrated solutions to guarantee the customer access to real-time data of the individual phases of the logistics process and tracking, through advanced information management systems and automated web platforms.

Our services for every step of your supply chain

Our professionals support customers for all logistics service needs: from importing by sea and air, customised warehouse and order management, to full transport and last-mile distribution.

Production support
We support the planning and handling of supply and warehouse flows, and of all production lines. We guarantee to the customer a 360° management of the products: from orders preparation, packaging and wrapping, until shipment.

The data needed for the arrangement of the various warehouse activities are transmitted to customers through radiofrequency, to ensure the tracking of individual process steps.
Inbound transport
To ensure an efficient production process, we transport from all countries around the world through multimodal solutions, for the supply and storage of raw materials and production-required goods.

The entry phase begins with the offloading of bulk products or pallets. Sebsequently, we automatically undertake quality control tests, photo books, and detect product weight and size
Warehouses, hubs and distribution centres
FERCAM is provided with dedicated or shared warehouses and multi-specialized distribution centres throughout the national and European territory
The storage is optimized with ad hoc structures, according to the type of product and activity: traditional or intensive shelves, cantilevers and mezzanines.

Customs, tax and excise warehouse services:
  • Customs warehouses: warehouses authorized for the introduction and holding of non-Community goods abroad, under the suspension of customs duties, by interfacing with Customs Agency
  • Fiscal and excise warehouses: authorised warehouses for the introduction and holding of goods under suspended tax or excise conditions
  • Consulting services: guarantees, accounting, Intrastat
Our logistics service manages the customs warehouses, VAT and excise with a direct IT connection with the Revenue and Customs Agency.

Our value-added services for the logistics system:
  • Preparation of sales kits
  • Custom packaging
  • Preparation of point-of-sale presentation desks and stands
  • Goods quality inspections
  • Packaging, signature, strapping and shrinking activities
  • Specific product labeling
  • Application of Government labeling
Outbound transport
We manage and organize dedicated or shared transport through national and international distribution services. Each shipping activity is tracked through data flow interchange
The output activities are carried out with modern technologies, such as fingerpicking, voice picking, or palmtops. These tools allow us to find the right solutions for the different types of withdrawal, which can be:
  • Individual pieces
  • Boxes and Cartons
  • Pallets
The services we offer for Outbound Transportation are:
After sales services
We offer dedicated services of management and distribution of spare parts, reverse logistics and call centers
  • Shipments tracking
  • Return management and goods recovery
  • Collection, disassembly and replacement
  • Customer care
Last mile
Product delivery services from the supplier to the final consumer
We also guarantee the installation of your products and the disposal of packaging, with a view to a circular economy and sustainable logistics. We also offer Home Delivery Services with home assembly and disposal services.

FERCAM's Solutions for AgriEuro

Specializing in the sale of garden machinery for over 50 years, AgriEuro has chosen FERCAM for transport and logistics services since 2012. Thanks to the development of the e-commerce channel, AgriEuro has transformed from a small local entity into a successful global store over the years, serving as a reference for thousands of agricultural companies and individuals in Italy and abroad. The growth in volumes has also meant an increase in the need for storage space and the requirement for punctual and efficient shipment organization. A good logistics service is indeed a crucial asset for the proper management of remote sales activities.

We serve customers operating in diverse product sectors

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