Specialization in Hotellerie - FERCAM Removals and Relocation
Specialization in Hotellerie - FERCAM Removals and Relocation
Specialization in Hotellerie

Services dedicated to the Hotel sector

FERCAM Removals & Relocation offers specific solutions for hotels undergoing renovation, requalification, or relocation.

We cooperate with architectural firms and general contractor companies to provide organizational support for managing complex projects related to important buildings. Through the synergy of our services, we act as a single point of contact, ensuring the successful outcome of the project.

The advantages of FERCAM Removals & Relocation Hospitality Services

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Strip out activities

FERCAM specializes in the removal of both fixed and movable furnishings, preparing spaces for renovation or various restoration projects.
Depending on the needs of our clients, we manage the "fate" of the removed assets. In case our clients need to preserve the assets, FERCAM has an extensive network of storage facilities for their safekeeping. If the requirement is disposal, FERCAM possesses the necessary authorizations for disposing of the assets at authorized landfills.
In line with FERCAM's ongoing commitment to sustainability, we offer our clients the opportunity to give a second life to furnishings destined for disposal, promoting the development of Sustainability and CSR projects in a Certified and Transparent manner. Find out more about our partnership with Regusto.

Packing Service

FERCAM puts special emphasis on the care and protection of furnishings during the packing, transportation, and storage phases. Attention to detail is evident in the use of carefully selected materials to ensure the integrity of the goods, all in full compliance with environmental sustainability principles. Specific packaging materials are employed for each type of item, thus providing suitable protection against impacts and vibrations during handling. 

Furthermore, thanks to our in-house carpentry workshops, we create wooden crates, cages, and custom-made packaging perfectly tailored for the transportation and storage of various types of objects and furnishings. The specialization and experience of our carpenters guarantee packaging that meets high-quality standards, ensuring efficiency and precision to address different needs. 

FF&E and OS&E Management

FERCAM, a (multi-specialized) versatile operator, thanks to the strength of its organization, possesses the infrastructure, vehicles, and know-how for the logistical management of FF&E and OS&E. Our multilingual operational staff, experienced in handling complex projects, can synergize effectively with interior designers, project managers, and general contractors, ensuring coordination and control of activities and the successful outcome of the process.
The widespread distribution of warehouses worldwide and a fleet of approximately 3,000 loading units undoubtedly make FERCAM the ideal partner for managing the entire supply chain of FF&E and OS&E. We position ourselves as the sole point of contact for process optimization and cost efficiency. 

Specialized Technicians

FERCAM invests in the training of its technicians to ensure a service that aligns with the high-quality standards demanded by our clients. The projects we've undertaken for luxury and extra-luxury hotels have made us particularly sensitive and focused on attention to detail.
Our experience in the industry enables us to skilfully and competently manage every operational aspect, ensuring that the environments are set up to reflect the image of excellence and comfort that high-end hotels aim to provide to their guests. 

Inventory and Cataloguing of Assets

The meticulous cataloguing of assets and furnishings is a prerequisite for the impeccable management of a hotel's resources. All the goods we handle are registered and labelled, providing our clients with a detailed list of furnishings accompanied by a photographic book for the use of professionals, project managers, and/or designers. 

Appraisal of Furnishings, Artwork, and Valuable Assets
Our specialized appraisal service carefully assesses furnishings, artwork, and precious assets, providing accurate value estimates and detailed reports. Through our collaboration with our Fine Art department, we offer expert consultancy in the management of artistic assets, ensuring that each piece of art is handled with the competence and care required, both in the packing and transportation phases, as well as potential storage.
Direct Management of Transportation Activities

FERCAM is the single, multi-specialized point of contact for the integrated management of all logistical, distribution, and transportation needs, both nationally and internationally. 

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