We say no to waste: our proposal in partnership with Regusto

FERCAM - partnership con Regusto

In the context of the hotel industry, sustainability and social responsibility are increasingly relevant topics, with many hotels committing to reducing waste and making positive contributions to the community. In this framework, FERCAM Removals & Relocation provides essential support for compliant disposal of furnishings, electronic equipment, and other materials, allowing hotels to efficiently and responsibly manage their waste. 

With the goal of promoting sustainable development, FERCAM is pleased to announce its partnership with Regusto, an innovative platform that optimizes the donation processes of products at risk of being wasted. Through this platform, FERCAM facilitates the connection between hotels that have goods at risk of waste and verified nonprofit organizations, creating a transparent and certified system for donations. This solution not only helps prevent waste but also allows for tracking exchanges and quantifying the social, environmental, and economic benefits resulting from the redistribution of goods and products. 

For clients in the hotel industry, this partnership represents a unique opportunity to showcase their commitment to sustainability by transforming potential waste into valuable resources. In this way, hotels can not only pursue their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals but also improve their image and relationship with the community.