Transport of Works of Art: the FERCAM Fine Art sector
Transport of Works of Art: the FERCAM Fine Art sector
Transport of works of art

Transport of Works of Art: FERCAM’s Fine Art Department

Handling works of art is an extremely delicate and complex task. For this reason, a great deal of experience, professional ethics and passion for our field are essential.

Specialised domestic and international transport and storage services for works of art

The cultural and human value of the Artistic Heritage we deal with is often far greater than its commercial value. We offer our customers an attentive and specialized service in Italy and worldwide, which is the result of a solid combination of years of experience and innovative techniques. FERCAM's Fine Art service is customized according to the needs of our clients, whether they are museums, galleries, auction houses, artists or private collectors. The service includes the option of an All-Risks guarantee on transport and handling, based on the value of the works of art transported.

The transport of works of art, formerly offered by Gondrand, is now managed by FERCAM with renewed attention for the works of art’s care and the quality of the service. 

The advantages of FERCAM's works of art transfer service

We offer a wide range of additional services:

  • Fine Art Authority’s certificates and permits
  • Import and export customs clearance
  • Status check of the conditions of the works of art
  • Cataloguing of the items entrusted to our care
  • Project management for logistics and installation needs
  • All-Risks Guarantee procedures
  • Courier services 
  • Overnight services
  • Airport supervision

Trasporto opere d'arte FERCAM

What do we offer?

High-quality crating
Custom-designed packaging for each work of art
Each work of art is a unique item, requiring specific care and attention. That is why, within our specialized carpentry, we produce packaging specifically tailored to the works of art. Special crates, designed and customized in every details, climatized, made out of high quality materials and fireproof coatings to ensure safe transport

Technical characteristics of crates and materials

FERCAM crates are made out of multilayered poplar wood recommended by the American Alliance of Museums for low formaldehyde emissions in accordance with EN 1084. Multilayer wood, unlike other types of solid wood, offers a higher mechanical resistance of the product, due to the arrangement of the layers with crossed fibers. It also does not require fumigation for non-EU air shipments.
Our expert craftsmen are always available for technical consultancy for customizing the best crating method, according the weight, volume and specifics of the Art pieces: Travel frames; Safe and low-cost Karton Boxes; Multiple crates, Museum crates or standard long lasting crates.
Warehouses, vaults and security
Warehouses and dedicated vehicles for the safety of works of art
In order to care and protect the secret life of Art pieces, FERCAM ensures the highest level of services in the Fine Art field, using the best security measures during both transport and storage.
FERCAM warehouses for storing works of art are equipped with shelves, fixed boxes and temperature controlled vaults.
FERCAM vehicles fleet has all the possible equipment to ensure safe transportation: vans and trucks of different sizes and capacities, isothermal, climate controlled, equipped with side bars to stop loads, ratchet belts to anchor the boxes, air suspensions and satellite anti-theft devices.
Design, consultancy and special services for works of art
In order to complete FERCAM's Fine Art services, our Technicians have an extensive experience as well as all the tools for the set-up and installation of artworks, in both private venues or Museums and for any type of art piece, even for monumental and oversized set up progworks. We provide technical consultancy for the design and production of set-up projects.


FERCAM has developed a circular economy project that leverages diverse skills with a common goal: presenting an innovative and more responsible model for art logistics.

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