Eco-design, upcycling, and creativity for the art

A circular economy project that leverages diverse skills with a common goal: to present an innovative and more responsible model for art logistics

The queen of art transport is the crate, typically crafted from high-quality materials, but its use ends after a single journey, being discarded right after. From this comes the REcrate project, aimed at creating packaging that, while maintaining the traditional rigour and characteristics, offers clients an eco-friendly option designed within the circular economy framework. Thanks to the collaboration with FERCAM Echo Labs, this project also provides an opportunity to contribute to the development of social carpentry, offering employment to fragile categories.

Once it reaches the end of its useful life, the crate can be donated and, through our network of partners and upcycling initiatives, reimagined into a piece of furniture for the community or for environmentally-conscious private individuals.

The advantages of FERCAM REcrate

Fuorisalone 2023

During Milano's Design Week 2023, in the stunning setting of Repubblica del Design, a hub for Circular Economy, FERCAM Fine Art provided a sneak peek into the birth of the REcrate project. This project emerged from the industrial symbiosis with the social enterprise within the FERCAM Group, Echo Labs, aiming to transform the specific challenges in the world of art logistics into opportunities for sustainable development.

The panel, which included representatives from FERCAM Fine Art and Echo Labs, as well as individuals from social, circular, and eco-friendly initiatives, discussed the new possibilities in design aimed at renewing the logistics of Culture from an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) perspective.

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