Sustainability: discover the initiatives - FERCAM
Sustainability: discover the initiatives - FERCAM
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Sustainability in FERCAM

FERCAM’s commitment for a sustainable future

FERCAM, a leading transport and logistics company, has always been committed to protecting the environment and promoting the well-being of people: we set goals for a sustainable development in line with the UN 2030 Agenda and the ESG vision: business management that pays attention to sustainability from an Environmental, Social and Governance point of view.

Through the application of national and international standards of Corporate Social Responsibility, we are able to provide concrete data on our commitment to sustainability, presented in the Sustainability Report that we draw up every year.

Environmental sustainability

Our company is attentive to all technological innovations aimed at effectively reducing harmful emissions from logistics and transport activities. It is no coincidence that one of the central points in the new FERCAM2025 Strategy is precisely our commitment to the environment. We are determined to follow our principles of environmental protection through the adoption of technologies that lead to the reduction of polluting emissions and the optimization of our warehouses and offices energy consumption.

In order to achieve our goals in the field of environmental sustainability, we have created the Emission Free Project. Through this initiative we move in parallel on several complementary fronts, such as the revision of the vehicle fleet, the intelligent and rational use of resources and the transition to ecological fuels.

Social sustainability

In 2021 we founded FERCAM Echo Labs Srl Social Enterprise, a non-profit company

FERCAM Echo Labs promotes and supports social and environmental responsibility objectives. Starting from corporate initiatives dedicated to the well-being of employees, the idea was born to create a permanent laboratory, to contribute to building a sustainable future for people and the environment. FERCAM, Linaria, and Laboratorio Linfa laid the foundation stone, but the number of partners and supporters accompanying this reality is constantly growing.

The Mission of FERCAM Echo Labs

Based on the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development goals, FERCAM Echo Labs has outlined the guidelines to follow to achieve its mission. «Our primary intention», explains Dino Menichetti, who with Bettina Baumgartner is at the helm of FERCAM Echo Labs, «is to develop social and environmental compensation projects together with our partners, to neutralize the impacts resulting from the exercise of business activities. We will adopt participatory and inclusive methods, integrating training, practice, and research».
Mission FERCAM Echo Labs

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