The first 7.2 tonnes methane-fuelled vehicle arrives in Rome

As slim as a van, but with a payload of up to 6 times greater, the first compact 7.2 tonnes Iveco Daily methane-powered tractor was delivered to FERCAM last week. Soon, it will be joined by other 15. Among the streets of Rome you will recognize them for the bright green accents, which symbolize FERCAM's commitment to environmental sustainability, and for the beautiful drawings that our little artists have created in support of the initiative.
methane vehicle rome fercam
Why is this new vehicle special? It is a FERCAM prototype, designed ad hoc in order to optimize its payload and consequently reduce the number of vehicles circulating in our cities. The width and height of the box are equal to those of the classic 3.5-tonnes vans, so they will be able to circulate even in the narrow streets of historic centres. The length has been increased by 80 cm, to be able to load 10 pallets instead of 8. However, the greatest advantage lies in the capacity, equal to 4.430 kg, almost 6 times that of traditional vans.

Dino Menichetti, Regional Manager at the forefront of FERCAM's Emission Free Delivery project, comments: “the introduction of new vehicles to replace vans will provide economic and operational efficiency, but also reduce emissions thanks to methane fuelling. And of course, greater load capacity means the possibility of managing greater volumes of goods with a single vehicle, thus reducing the number of circulating vehicles and bringing further benefits to the environment”.

The vehicles are also equipped with anti-cut electronic locks, both on the side door and on the 1.5 tonnes tail lift, which can be activated through passive transponder bracelets connected to the GPS control unit and to the digital platform, for the interconnectivity of the locking systems. Therefore, maximum safety is guaranteed for the goods, which can include hanging garments, thanks to the native arrangement with special guides.

 “We are really proud of this result and to see another crucial step in our project towards a greener future. We are the first and the only ones to use this type of vehicle, which today makes our fleet one of the most eco-sustainable in Rome, well in advance of what the European regulations require. In addition, it is precisely on the basis of this vehicle model that, in partnership with the CNR (National Research Council), we are carrying out a research and development project for the construction of two prototypes, one full electric and one hydrogen hybrid”, concludes Menichetti.