FERCAM and Linaria: together, to act on sustainability

At Rom-E, FERCAM was joined by Linaria, a non-profit association, partner of a new project born under the banner of corporate social responsibility. Echo Labs is an initiative that implies the recovery of waste materials generated along the logistics chain to build areas of urban biodiversity, while creating employment opportunities for professionally fragile categories.
October began for FERCAM with the participation in Rom-E, an event distributed in beautiful areas of the city centre, designed to bring the public closer to the Companies that are building the future of urban mobility. We presented the initiatives of our Emission Free Project, aimed at making logistics more sustainable, particularly in the last mile section, by using electric vehicles and through the study and development of hydrogen prototypes.

Champion of FERCAM’s green fleet at this event was a brand new electric cargo scooter, which will soon be the protagonist of a new initiative for reverse logistics, in collaboration with TRElab and Roma Servizi per la Mobilità. Dino Menichetti, Regional Manager explains: "This pilot project provides for the collection of the packaging of the shipments delivered by FERCAM (cartons, pallets and plastic film) with electric Cargo Bikes and Cargo Scooters, for the subsequent recycling of these materials that will be transferred in special caissons positioned in central city areas. The operators will also perform 'last meter' services, such as unpacking and positioning of goods within stores, activities currently carried out by our drivers, but which involve a prolonged stop of the vehicle on urban roads. In addition, this project will also be developed in dialogue with associations that are committed to promoting the processes of labour integration of people in need and beneficiaries of international protection".

FERCAM’s booth at Rom-E certainly did not go unnoticed: thanks to Linaria's intervention, the structure was transformed into a biodiversity station, with beautiful wild and aromatic plants along with bugs hotels, vertical gardens and furnishings built with reclaimed wood. Linaria is a non-profit association, founded in Rome in 2011 to activate urban regeneration practices through concrete projects, which promote environmental and social sustainability, with creative and inclusive solutions. The collaboration with FERCAM, an apparently distant reality but with a parallel vision of a more sustainable future, was born from the idea to create at FERCAM’s Rome branch a biodiverse relax area for employees and collaborators, built with wood recycled from pallets.

At Rom-E we wanted to give a small demonstration of how the collaboration project between FERCAM and Linaria allows the integrated reuse of waste material from the logistics chain, in particular the wood of packaging otherwise destined for recycling processes, to create furnishings and structures suitable to accommodate plants and pollinating insects. This initiative sees the involvement of the Social Cooperative Medihospes Onlus, SAI project managing body – a reception and integration system – for the Roma Capitale local authority, and of the beneficiaries of the international protection program, who participated in the design and implementation to inaugurate a path of social inclusion and professional training. The intention for the near future is for Echo Labs to become a permanent laboratory, as well as a collaborative network to create synergies between the CSR projects of partner companies.

October 3rd at Rom-E was entirely dedicated to families by FERCAM and Linaria: kids had fun learning about biodiversity and upcycling. They took part in the construction of birdhouses and hotels for solitary bees, using waste materials such as packaging cartons.

An experience of cohesion and collaboration that represents only the beginning of a path that will unite FERCAM, Linaria and other partners, to build a network in which to take concrete action and go beyond simply talking about sustainability, to leave a tangible, positive footprint in our communities and the world.