Relocation & Immigration
Relocation & Immigration
Relocation & Immigration

Relocation and Immigration

Vinelli & Scotto helps you feel at home wherever life and work take you

The team carefully listens to the needs of each individual and family, providing wise and discreet support, and assists, ensuring that everyone feels at home from day one, wherever they are in the world. Vinelli & Scotto has been the first relocation company in Italy to achieve FIDI FAIM quality certification.

Why choose FERCAM Removals and Relocations service

The completeness of our services for your uniqueness:

Our packages are the result of years of experience, allowing us to tailor each service to maximize its effectiveness. 

Inbound-outbound: visas and immigration
A dedicated team is available to dive into the legal aspects, to support in preparing documents related to immigration procedures, and to accompany each individual throughout the entire process.
Orientation tour
The orientation tour is the first step to gain a realistic view of the new destination and evaluating every aspect of the relocation in advance. Vinelli & Scotto accompanies you during this "first appointment," submitting  suitable housing solutions on the market, exploring areas to identify the ones that suit you better, visiting the most appropriate schools for children, providing information on transportation services, healthcare facilities, commercial establishments, and sports activities that are part of the new daily context.
House search
Finding the right home is key to a successful relocation. Vinelli & Scotto's team uses their expertise, local knowledge, and empathy to find the space where our clients can feel comfortable. All bureaucratic aspects such as lease contracts, utilities, and check-in procedures are handled by the Vinelli & Scotto team with care and full compliance with company policies.
School search
Education that ensures integration and cultural growth is crucial for a peaceful emotional and professional future. Vinelli & Scotto takes care of presenting the best available schooling solutions and their educational approaches, providing information on transportation systems and school-home travel times, so that the optimal decision can be made.
Assistance continues during the first part of the stay, with support in managing initial needs and administrative tasks. This package can be highly customized and may include a range of services, from assistance in opening a bank account to residency registration, from ASL (Local Health Authority) enrolment to obtaining ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) or parking passes.
Vinelli & Scotto acts as an intermediary between the landlord and tenant, coordinating all check-out activities from the home liaising with the landlord. All bureaucratic aspects such as lease cancellations, utility contracts, contacting suppliers/artisans, and notifying associations and schools are handled by the Vinelli & Scotto team with care and full compliance with company policies. In this phase, respecting the dates as well as the ability to organize contractual closures professionally is essential.

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