Information Technology - FERCAM
Information Technology - FERCAM
I.T. Solutions

Information Technology: a competitive edge

FERCAM has a well-developed and innovative Information Technology department which keeps up with technological developments in the field and directly implements applications. This enables us to offer a timely, cutting-edge service and the guarantee of absolute quality. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and specialised management software for each business, we offer a reliable and secure service that enables us to track goods at all stages of the Supply Chain, from the point of collection to delivery to the end customer.

In-house development

Internal development groups enable us to provide vertical application support services capable of addressing the needs of each specific customer. With one simple login, one of our most important proprietary platforms dedicated to our customers, myFERCAM, provides access to all the Fercam applications for interactively managing all activities with Fercam, including tracking, billing, self-labelling of packages, collection management and much more.

Monitoring systems

Our systems for the continuous monitoring of supply chain events, integrated with multi-channel detection and notification systems, ensure full visibility and control of service status at all times.

The advanced Track & Trace system for the monitoring of goods provides online information and POD (Proof of Delivery).

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

EDI enables Customers to connect with FERCAM in a simple, secure and safe manner for the automated exchange of information and documents. Thanks to many years of experience in using EDI technology and our own specialist staff, FERCAM is now connected daily with more than 700 transport services customers and processes more than 100,000 electronic transactions every day. In 2021 alone, 259 new customers were integrated via EDI.