FERCAM awaits you in Spoleto
FERCAM awaits you in Spoleto
FERCAM awaits you in Spoleto

FERCAM partner of the Due Mondi Festival

The 66th edition of the Festival will animate the city of Spoleto from June 23rd to July 9th, 2023

Conceived in 1958 by Gian Carlo Menotti and considered the oldest performing arts festival in Italy, the "Festival dei Due Mondi" (Festival of the Two Worlds) boasts renowned international artists and a varied audience from around the globe. Sustainability and Social Inclusivity are among the fundamental values of a festival that combines art, innovation, and everyday life, expressed through projects and initiatives that engage attendees with ESG goals and strive to align with the objectives of ONU's 2030 Agenda.

In FERCAM, the Due Mondi Festival finds a versatile partner that will be present with a fleet of electric vehicles for cargo transportation and people's mobility. Alongside the non-profit organization Echo Labs, interactive creative upcycling workshops will be conducted.

FERCAM as Sustainability Partner

Electric vehicles for Zero Emission goals

As the Sustainability Partner in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz and Concessionaria Rossi, FERCAM will provide a dedicated fleet of electric vehicles throughout the entire duration of the Festival. This fleet includes vans and cargo scooters for transporting goods, equipment, and packaging, as well as cars for staff transportation and vans serving as courtesy vehicles for guests. By exclusively using vehicles powered by renewable energy sources that produce zero greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants, FERCAM actively contributes to the Festival's goal of reducing environmental impact.

The Festival of Two Worlds has chosen FERCAM as a partner due to the company's commitment and focus on promoting sustainable development in the logistics and transportation sector. Noteworthy among these initiatives is the Emission Free Project, which is divided into three sub-projects, each dedicated to a specific area of application: Emission Free Transport, which involves initiatives related to medium and long-distance transportation, including the company's own vehicle fleet; Emission Free Delivery, which focuses on groupage services and urban distribution; and Emission Free Buildings, which involves energy efficiency interventions in company facilities.

Upcycling with FERCAM Echo Labs

For a Festival focused on circular economy and social commitment

Throughout the entire duration of the Due Mondi Festival, FERCAM's eco-carpentry, Echo Labs, will be relocated to Spoleto, where a series of interactive workshops will be organized. In these diverse workshops, participants will have the opportunity to personally experience the construction of eco-friendly structures using reclaimed wood sourced from the logistics supply chain. From chairs to gardens, from small cubes to full-fledged sculptures, together we give a second life to the noble material of wood, following a philosophy of virtuous circularity.

Come visit us at the Green Area of Casina dell'Ippocastano, on Viale Giacomo Matteotti, and become part of our team of sustainability artisans!

Discover all our upcycling workshops!

For designers, seating has always been a revered theme. It serves a simple function but can be fulfilled in countless different ways. Ways that elevate us from the relentless gravitational pull downward. Let's create together a bench, a lounge chair, or a dining table chair. You will discover how the production of wooden furniture crafted by the carpenters of Echo Labs takes shape and evolves. It is based not only on specific requests but also on the desire to enhance the available reclaimed material.
What better time than the present to dedicate a square meter of land and cultivate whatever we desire? Creating a home garden allows us to reconnect with the earth, essential for understanding the cycle of life. Whether you have a garden space or even just a terrace, you can create your own garden here in Spoleto and then take it home with you! With this initiative, we can also map the newly generated green areas, emphasizing the importance of spreading nature in cities.
We propose a workshop on cutting wooden cubes, which can be decorated with symbols, signs, and letters. These cubes can then be used to create innovative interactive installations. Each letter will be carved into the wood or composed of various shapes and sizes using scrap pieces. In this collaborative and collective artwork, the participants' work will accumulate, resulting in an installation where letters and symbols will form words and phrases inspired by ecology and social integration.
With chisels and mallets, we delicately work with scraps of hardwood, highlighting their grains and knots. We can create soap holders, cellphone holders, small sculptures, or even polygonal shapes that mimic the canopy of trees, constructing a setting that redefines craftsmanship as a cornerstone of upcycling and the circular economy.

Many small scraps come back to life within an unusual triangular format. The fascination of Fuller's geodesic design lies in breaking away from the square pattern. Instead of right angles to enclose a space, articulated lines are used, reflecting the complexity of nature. With the aim of creating a collection of modules for geodesic architectural coverings, challenges will be held among groups to determine who can create the most inclusive and high-performing texture.

This team-building workshop is perfect for groups!


How many children draw fantastic animals, mega-monsters, or princesses?! Only a few can bring them to life, except with LEGO. So they settle for plastic dolls or superheroes. But why not seek the help of a carpenter, someone who can build a custom toy? A monster, an animal, a character—the often-drawn avatar becomes tangible.

The entire process is tackled, from drawing to design, based on the choice of reclaimed wooden pieces, to building the prototype and finishing it with wax.