FERCAM LNG vehicles
FERCAM LNG vehicles

FERCAM LNG vehicles provide for a more sustainable future

FERCAM pays continuous attention to the management of its fleet, aiming to maintain a fleet in line with the highest industry standards. In recent years we have made significant investments with the purchase of a new LNG fleet and we intend to continue to make investments in terms of eco-sustainability in the future. Vehicles with liquid natural gas-powered engines require a higher initial economic commitment, but offer significant benefits towards environmental protection, ensuring benefits in terms of emissions:
- 95% PM
- 90% NO²
up to -10% CO2

Sound pollution:


As of today, the Diesel truck has a valid green alternative: the gas truck.

We are experimenting with solutions based on the use of biomethane which, considering the entire fuel cycle, has an almost neutral impact on the environment. The use of bio-LNG offers the additional advantage of reducing dependence on fossil fuels, as it can be produced from agricultural and municipal waste, sewage or food industry waste. Hence the recent idea to sign a partnership agreement with Biogas Wipptal to support the production of biomethane and its supply plant. This fuel can be produced on a local scale, drastically reducing the need to transport energy and therefore also the corresponding CO2 emissions. In addition, its production process creates valuable by-products, such as bio- CO2 for refrigerated units and bio-fertilizers for agriculture.

FERCAM's eye is always directed towards innovation: we expect in the near future to move our fleet of vehicles, at least in part, to electric, a technology that is taking giant steps in terms of range and load capacity. In 2017 we were the first in Europe to order the TESLA semi-truck and by the end of 2021 we will be cruising national highways with Nikola Tre, cruising national highways with Nikola Tre, the first electric truck suitable for long distances.