A load of masks and protective clothing to help dealing with the Coronavirus emergency

The load of protective masks and gowns for the South Tyrolean health care service has arrived this morning aboard five FERCAM trucks to face the Covid-19 health emergency.

1.5 million masks and protective gowns arrived from China on Monday morning at Vienna Schwechat airport, where FERCAM truck drivers loaded the goods and transported it to Bolzano.
An "armoured" journey, considering the importance of the goods in time of Covid-19 emergency: the trucks were first escorted by the police and army within the Austrian territory and then delivered at Brennersee to the Bolzano firefighters.
"The drivers had already made a long journey before arriving at Schwechat, they had to monitor the load of the trucks and then left around 10 pm toensure the protective clothing were delivered to South Tyrol as quickly as possible", explains Thomas Baumgartner, FERCAM president.
At the arrival of the trucks Baumgartnerhas publicly thanked all employees, who work every day to ensure the supply chain during this emergency.
"This is an unfortunate situation in which we never wanted to find ourselves, which yet confirms the importance of well-functioning transport and traffic for our society", confirmed Baumgartner 
The health emergency has further exacerbated the work of drivers who have found themselves operating with many closed service areas, long queues, situations that fortunately have now been resolved.
Part of this precious load will continue its journey to Lombardy, where this equipment is urgently needed.