DACHSER & FERCAM Italia for sustainable logistics at the Run Rome the Marathon

[Bolzano, March 20, 2024] – A shining example of synergy between sport, sustainability, and innovation, for DACHSER & FERCAM Italy as the official sponsor of ACEA Run Rome the Marathon, which in this year's edition - on March 17 in Rome - wanted to celebrate not only a passion for running but also the shared commitment to sustainable innovation
The transport and logistics company DACHSER & FERCAM Italy, a Joint Venture born in 2024 from the historic twenty-year partnership between FERCAM, a family-run multinational logistics operator, and DACHSER, a global leader in integrated logistics solutions, supported ACEA Run Rome the Marathon as a sustainable logistics partner; available to the organizers was a fleet of electric and zero-emission vehicles as well as low environmental impact vehicles powered by biomethane.
On the occasion of the event, DACHSER & FERCAM Italy provided electric and low environmental impact vehicles for the logistics of participant bags and to manage all the logistics needs of the event. The fleet was then displayed along Via dei Fori Imperiali, highlighting the commitment to reducing the ecological impact in the transport activities. On display were a total of 18 vehicles: 100% electric semi-trucks as well as LNG biomethane-powered 44-ton long-haul vehicles, a 16-ton electric truck, 3.5-ton electric vans, and CNG biomethane 7.2-ton trucks for urban distribution.
These cutting-edge vehicles, which DACHSER & FERCAM Italy regularly uses for goods distribution activities in the city of Rome, were proudly presented to share with the general public the technological options available to reduce the impact of logistics on the environment and as a concrete opportunity for a conscious and careful ecological approach even during large events.

Upcycling as a creative opportunity for sustainability
For the large audience present at the sports event, FERCAM Echo Labs, a non-profit social enterprise of the transport and logistics company, wanted to set up upcycling workshops to promote the circular economy with sustainability initiatives. The surprising potential of upcycling was presented through eco-carpentry workshops, demonstrating how sustainability can be creatively integrated into our daily lives. The "Nothing New" workshops were designed to be accessible to creatives of all ages, providing a unique opportunity for an alternative approach to design under the guidance of wood artisans, experts in enhancing reclaimed materials. The activity, which involved the creation of small decorative objects, was designed to stimulate creativity and promote environmental awareness, highlighting the importance of recycling and reuse.