New Location for FERCAM ALESSANDRIA: Growth with a Focus on Sustainability

(Bolzano, September 26, 2023) Since the beginning of September, the new facility of the transportation and logistics company FERCAM has been operational. It is located in the municipality of Spinetta Marengo, adjacent to Alessandria. The new arrangement of the branch is part of the company's plan for enhancement and development of its network and aims to provide an even better quality of logistics services, primarily due to increased space availability for handling goods.

FERCAM Alessandria

The new facility is located on an area of 11,400 square meters in close proximity to the Alessandria Est highway exit, in an optimal central position relative to the economic areas of Milan and Turin. The warehouse, spanning 1,950 square meters, is equipped with 26 double-front loading docks with hydraulic loading ramps to facilitate and expedite cross-docking operations, as well as loading and unloading from vehicles. For administrative and commercial staff, there are 290 square meters of offices, open space areas, meeting rooms, and services in the adjacent building.
«The new location replaces our old branch in Alessandria, which no longer met the needs of a modern distribution and merchandise collection activity, also due to the limited size of the facility. After several years of intensive research, we identified this new location with suitable space, and after only 9 months of construction, in compliance with all sustainability criteria for efficient logistics, we completed the move during the last weekend of August. The start of operations at a new logistics facility must be carefully planned, preferably over the weekend, to minimize disruption to the company's operations and ensure that our customers' goods always remain in motion. For the new Alessandria branch, we have perfectly achieved this goal!» says Gianfranco Menta, Regional Manager of FERCAM, responsible for the branches in Turin, Alessandria, Cuneo, and the logistics center in Leinì.
Sustainability and maximum goods safety
The facility has been constructed using the most modern technologies aimed at minimizing environmental impact. Special attention has been given to all construction elements and systems, with the use of eco-friendly building materials. The building has been equipped with a 100kw photovoltaic system, which especially during the summer ensures full self-sufficiency in energy supply. Ideal illumination throughout the entire structure, from the warehouses to the administrative building, is ensured by LED lights controlled by state-of-the-art home automation. This technology is not only cutting-edge in terms of sustainability but also provides a sense of well-being to those who work here and spend many hours in the warehouse or at their desks.

Like the other FERCAM locations in Italy and Europe, this new facility is equipped with a technologically advanced video surveillance system. Through specific software, all incoming goods to the warehouse are recorded and monitored at every stage of internal handling to prevent any damage or loss of merchandise. Furthermore, the facility is under 24-hour surveillance by private security companies that conduct night patrols.
«Our employees, many of whom have been working with us for many years, have our utmost trust and respect. We place great importance on continuous training and updates through company procedures aimed at ensuring the safety of individuals and the maximum security of entrusted goods. Our company thrives on the people who work for us, and only a capable, reliable, and honest person can make our service excellent. This is why we always strive to work with the best,» concludes Gianfranco Menta.
Serving the Local economy
With this new facility, FERCAM strengthens its presence in a province with a vibrant and diverse economic landscape. In addition to the traditional services of national and international distribution with pickup and delivery of goods in the province of Alessandria, the branch offers its customers the full range of services, supported by the company's branches in Turin and Milan. These services include warehouse logistics, international and national full truckload transportation, maritime and air transportation, as well as Fine Art and relocation services.