FERCAM and DAB Pumps together: sustainable transport in the Padua area

[Bolzano, June 12, 2023] FERCAM, an Alto Adige-based logistics and transport company, has entered into an agreement with DAB Pumps, a protagonist in the sector of technologies for the movement and management of water, to provide a dedicated transport service between two plants in Veneto. The service will be carried out by vehicles powered exclusively by Bio-LNG.

The strategic partnership between FERCAM and DAB Pumps, united by common objectives for sustainable development and the reduction of the environmental impact of their activities, aims to reduce emissions from daily transport operations between the production plant in Mestrino (PD) and Monselice (PD). By making the journey an average of 2 or 3 times a day with a biomethane vehicle, an eco-friendly fuel produced with circularity in mind, the service will significantly reduce CO2 emissions. The dedicated vehicles will display the logos of both companies, symbolizing their joint commitment.
Hannes Baumgartner, Managing Director of FERCAM, commented on the new partnership: «we are proud to collaborate with DAB Pumps, so that we can implement another fixed transport line that features state-of-the-art vehicles and biofuels, for a drastic reduction in emissions. This new partnership is a further step forward in achieving our shared sustainability goals: only by joining forces with different actors in the supply chain can we really make a difference and innovate our sector with greater sustainability in mind».
The new low-emission transport service was presented as a case history on Friday, June 9th in Verona, during the conference "Technological Innovation and Sustainability: the Challenges for a Growing Logistics", organized by Assologistica in collaboration with the Veneto Region and focused on the strategic role of logistics and the main trends in the sector.
Claudia Bocchese, Group Distribution Manager of DAB Pumps, said: «in a world that is fast-paced and oriented towards profit maximization, DAB has decided to focus on sustainability and make it one of its core values. I am proud to say that for years now, sustainability has been a focal point for DAB and has been developed in every aspect. In June 2023, an important project for low-impact goods movement was launched, which involves the use of a Bio-LNG vehicle from our production site in Padua to the DAB Main Distribution Center. The realization was made possible thanks to the supply chain partnership developed with FERCAM. This is another step on the long journey we are taking towards a more sustainable future».
FERCAM aims for zero emissions: towards Zero Emission Groupage

For over two years, FERCAM has developed the Emission Free Project, a series of initiatives aimed at testing and implementing low-CO2 emission transport services, with particular attention to distribution activities in urban and suburban areas. Thanks to the very positive response from customers and the growing need to offer concrete and scalable solutions to reduce emissions across entire distribution routes, the company decided in March to introduce a first complete groupage line, from first to last mile, structured with a view to zero emissions in the Well-to-Wheel cycle on the Milan-Rome route.
«This new solution activated for DAB represents the second step of our Zero Emission Groupage project, inaugurated together with IVECO and Edison Energia to completely eliminate emissions, thanks to the use of cutting-edge vehicles, biofuels, and renewable energy», explains Hannes Baumgartner.