On 8 and 9 April, FERCAM Fine Art opened its doors to the students of the Master in Economics and Management for Art and Culture of 24Ore Business School, with the coordination of Studio Arte 15. Chiara Prisco and Daria Licata held a virtual lesson, opening a window on the logistic management of art from a more theoretical point of view, then hosting some students on site to focus on purely operational aspects, visiting environments such as FERCAM’s warehouse and vault.
The Master in question is a full-time course that aims to provide the new management skills, digital communication skills and the Soft Skills essential to prepare to become the future managers of the Art and Culture sector, also through the analysis of practical cases and contributions of industry professionals. The afternoon intervention on April 8 was opened by Simona Cresci and Federica Romano of Studio Arte 15, a company with operational headquarters in Rome and Dubai, that operates in the field of contemporary art with experience in curating and organizing exhibitions and events, legal consultancy and curatorial for the public and private collections of modern and contemporary art, teaching and communication.

The primary objective of the Master's intervention was to understand how the art system functions, with particular attention to the aspects of organization and management. The starting point was therefore to consider the various aspects related to art management, from legal implications, to the need to interpret the concepts of the artists in a practical sense, up to the characterization and deepening of the logistics part.

FERCAM experts’ speech briefly concentrated a series of interesting points, composing a global picture that accompanied the students to understand what it means to operate in the field of Fine Art. From the preliminary analysis of the needs, through the examination of elements such as organization and preparation of exhibitions, packaging systems, up to modes of transport and the different actors involved throughout the process. The key points behind success in this sector were also explored: reliability and availability 24 hours a day, speed of execution and minimization of error, process traceability, transparency and management capacity. "Our job always includes moments of high emotional intensity", comments Chiara Prisco, Head of the BU. "Art logistics also means knowing how to say 'no', since we come into play when the projects must be concretely applied to reality and all the technical and bureaucratic constraints of the case must be dealt with".

"We guarantee the interest of our client but at the same time the well-being of the artwork entrusted to us, for which great negotiation skills and excellent communication skills are essential, to reconcile divergent needs. This profession requires patience and mental flexibility, each project is different from the other, each piece must be known and respected, you must be able to write and rewrite each task list continuously. Yet every day we continue to be surprised by the intrinsic wonder of our job", concludes Chiara Prisco.

Bridge between FERCAM and Studio Arte 15 is the artist Jago, for whose Pietà both companies will have a decisive role, the first in carrying out the transport and preparation operations at destination, the second for the collaboration in organizing the event. The sculptor then intervened personally in the second part of the lesson, answering the students’ questions. The experience then continued the next day, when a group of students visited the spaces dedicated to Fine Art activities at FERCAM Rome.