FERCAM - IVECO agreement: the first Nikola Tre electric tractor is coming

The South Tyrolean logistics and transport company signs an agreement with IVECO and is preparing to put the first Nikola Tre electric tractor on the road shortly. FERCAM, GLS, LC3 and SMET will be the four strategic partners for the decarbonisation of the sector.

FERCAM - IVECO agreement: the first Nikola Tre electric tractor is coming

Sustainability is a path that must be traced together with other protagonists of the energy transition in each sector. Therefore, FERCAM and the three companies that followed IVECO in the path towards decarbonisation, by adopting vehicles powered by natural gas, today become electrification partners, adopting the innovative Nikola Tre in electric (BEV) and hydrogen (FCEV) versions. The related agreement was presented as part of the Ecomondo Exhibition, a reference event in Europe for the ecological transition and the new models of circular and regenerative economy.

4 years ago the reservation, now the project is taking shape

In November 2018, as soon as the forthcoming production of Nikola Tre was announced, FERCAM was the first logistics operator in Italy to sign the commitment for the future orderability. In the meantime, many other "FERCAM Emission Free Project" initiatives have been launched: from LNG trucks to participation in a plant for the production of biomethane, from electric vehicles for distribution in major Italian cities, up to the most recent agreements with different stakeholders in the hydrogen supply chain, including IVECO, to collaborate in the research, development and testing not only of vehicles but also of energy storage systems, vehicle retrofitting techniques, as well as H2 production and distribution plants.

The Nikola Tre, the first electric vehicle for long distances in the owned fleet, represents for FERCAM the most recent piece of a puzzle whose image is becoming more and more defined, day after day.

«At the time of the Nikola Tre pre-order, we hadn't publicized the news: being able to put an electric truck on the road still seemed like a distant dream. Today we are thrilled to be able to be among the protagonists, together with SMET, GLS and LC3, of this new chapter in the history of road transport, from the very beginning, thanks to the prestigious partnership with IVECO», comments Hannes Baumgartner, MD of FERCAM.

«The need to concretely implement solutions that protect the planet and people is becoming increasingly urgent, as is the challenge of energy availability. For decades, FERCAM has felt the duty to do everything possible to support and promote the technological development of the logistics & transport sector, and with renewed passion when this innovation represents a step forward towards the EU decarbonisation objectives. We can't wait to have our customers' goods travel on the new Nikola Tre and to see the shared goal of totally zero-emission transport solutions materialize more and more», concludes FERCAM’s MD.

Information about IVECO Nikola Tre

With a total energy of 738 kWh and the continuous power of 480 kW of the electric axle, the Nikola Tre BEV is the ideal vehicle for medium to long haul applications, such as hub-to-hub deliveries and regional transport, taking into account the mileage, it can be increased by recharging the battery if necessary. The vehicle, with a wheelbase of 4,021 mm, is equipped with 9 batteries that offer a total energy reserve of up to 738 kWh, which allows a range of about 500 km. A 175 kW charge takes just 162 minutes. In addition, the total operating cost is reduced, making the vehicle a sustainable zero-emission solution from the point of view of economy and performance, thanks to the help of maintenance and repair contracts.

To optimize the driving experience, every detail in the Nikola Tre BEV cabin is designed to improve life on board with a spacious and well-organized environment, full of comfort features and advanced features. The infotainment system is based on Nikola's next-generation proprietary operating technology that integrates infotainment and navigation functions, as well as controls for all vehicle functions. The extraordinarily smooth ride and the quietness of the environment further enrich the excellent driving experience, which will make the Nikola Tre one of the favourite vehicles of drivers across Europe.

The Nikola Tre FCEV in the beta version is a 6x2 tractor and is equipped with an added steering axle, as well as a new cab with optimized aerodynamics. With a wheelbase of 3,932 mm, it can carry about 70 kg of hydrogen at a pressure of 700 bar. This capacity, combined with rapid refueling with a duration of fewer than 20 minutes, allows a range of up to 800 km. In 2024 the Nikola Tre FCEV will enter the European market, thus becoming a fundamental milestone in IVECO's progress toward achieving its goal of zero net carbon emissions by 2040.