FERCAM present at the Milan Fuorisalone

[Bolzano, April the 20th 2023] FERCAM Fine Art, the unit dedicated to art logistics of the South Tyrolean transport and logistics operator, together with FERCAM Echo Labs, a non-profit enterprise founded in 2021 and dedicated to sustainable development, presented the "REcrate" project during the Milan Design Week. This is an innovative and responsible model for art logistics.

During the Milan Design Week, at "La Repubblica del Design", a temple of creative recycling, FERCAM Fine Art gave a preview presentation of the "REcrate" project. This project was developed thanks to the industrial symbiosis with the social enterprise of the group, FERCAM Echo Labs. It aims to transform the specific challenges of the art logistics industry into opportunities for sustainable development
Fuorisalone 2023
A process of industrial symbiosis that gives materials a second life

"REcrate" is a project designed with a circular economy perspective that values diverse skills with a common goal: to create an innovative and more responsible model for art logistics. The primary objective of the project is the reuse, or rather upcycling, of the most important component for transporting artworks: the crates. These crates are specially made to measure and with high-quality materials in the in-house carpentry workshop. They risk becoming obsolete after the first transport, but the project aims to give them a second life.

«Our FERCAM Fine Art activity could be defined as that of a high-level travel agency for artworks, where transportation is undoubtedly an important part of the service but is complemented by a series of other tasks and ancillary services, starting from obtaining the relevant permits from the Superintendencies, customs clearance, compliance with insurance warranties, and more. In our effort to ensure greater sustainability of our service, we are limited in many aspects by rightly very strict regulations; just think of the insurance coverage of certain works that must necessarily travel alone on a vehicle, even though the available space would allow for the loading of other works. Generally, a transport crate cannot be used for more than one trip for safety reasons, so our intervention in terms of sustainability and material recycling must start upstream, with the creation of transport crates that guarantee the perfect execution of the service but are also more easily recyclable. We have already identified a series of measures for this purpose; furthermore, we offer Museums the possibility of collecting the crates and packaging materials once the service is completed, replacing the concept of recycling with that of reuse, thanks to the collaboration and industrial symbiosis with FERCAM Echo Labs. Naturally, where possible, the vehicles used in our transport service are powered by biofuels,» said Chiara Prisco, Fine Art Manager at FERCAM, during the presentation of Fine Art initiatives at the Milan Design Week.

From this awareness and the desire for a more responsible approach to material consumption, "REcrate" was born, whose specific goal is the reuse of wood. Clients of art and precious item transport have the option of packaging that, while maintaining the rigor and traditional characteristics aimed at maximum care and safety of the transported goods, gives a second life to the raw material instead of using new material. In the crate recycling process, Ethafoam, an expanded polyethylene used in packaging to withstand any impact and protect artworks during transport, is also recovered.

A prestigious showcase for eco-design by FERCAM Echo Labs

Thanks to the collaboration between FERCAM Fine Art and FERCAM Echo Labs, the social carpentry workshop that offers employment opportunities to vulnerable groups is further developed for all upcycling projects with "REcrate". The primary objective of FERCAM Echo Labs is the development of projects for social and environmental compensation, in order to neutralize the impacts resulting from the company's activities. The permanent Echo Labs laboratory is conceived as an experimental and innovative practice of intervention and as a tool for reflection on the development of a virtuous and circular economy.
During the entire period of the Milan Design Week, at "La Repubblica del Design," FERCAM Echo Labs exhibits the furniture made in its own social carpentry workshop with wood from pallets used for the transport and packaging of the art logistics supply chain.