Yellow trucks navigate the Grand Canal: a spectacular Gondrand removal

This summer, FERCAM's Removals & Relocation Business Unit, with the famous Gondrand brand, managed one of the most stunning removals in the company's history, transporting the Client's personal effects from Palermo to the heart of Venice.
Yellow trucks navigate the Grand Canal: a spectacular Gondrand removal
Trucks that sail in the lagoon? It is not a usual scenario for tourists who gather in fascination on the Rialto bridge to watch the show and steal a shot. The unmistakable yellow of Gondrand by FERCAM makes its way through the gondolas. With a large truck, accompanied by a boxed vehicle containing the necessary equipment, 110 cubic meters of objects, including many precious and fragile, were moved from the Sicilian city to the waters of Venice.

«It was a great honour for us to have the opportunity to offer a tailor-made solution for this delicate move», said Federico Miatello, Branch Manager of FERCAM Venice. «As per our practice, we started with an inspection at the customer's home, to listen carefully to the family’s needs and plan the intervention of our team in detail. We dedicated a week to packing and loading activities, using specific protective materials according to the nature of each good to be transported».

The transport was carried out with a latest generation tractor, which made it possible to limit CO2 emissions. Given the delicacy of many of the objects, it was decided not to carry out the transfer on board a boat as usual, but to have the entire vehicle travel on water, to limit the manual handling of the Client's goods as much as possible. The passage on the canal was possible thanks to the partnership with the Società Scalo Fluviale di Venezia, which provided the pontoon for the transport of the two Gondrand vehicles.

Miatello explains: «the passage under the Rialto Bridge was calculated with precision, as the feasibility was strictly connected to the tides. The scenery was breathtaking, it was really exciting to see our vehicles crossing Venice alongside the gondoliers». Once unloaded, the FERCAM Removals & Relocation team dedicated three days to the unpacking and arrangement of the goods.

«Everything went well, I was really proud of our team and the quality of service we were able to guarantee. The greatest satisfaction was being able to see our customer and his family serene during the whole move and being complimented for our job once the operations were completed», concludes Federico Miatello.