Pure HVO hydrogenated Biofuel - FERCAM
Pure HVO hydrogenated Biofuel - FERCAM

Now available: Pure HVO hydrogenated biofuel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil)

Pure HVO hydrogenated biofuel

FERCAM has always been attentive to all technological innovations that effectively reduce climate-changing emissions, and biofuels are playing an increasingly important role in a more sustainable transport.

FERCAM has the opportunity to offer transport with vehicles powered by the new pure HVO hydrogenated biofuel. This is a new-generation diesel fuel that allows us to reduce CO2eq emissions calculated along the entire supply chain (so-called "Well to Wheel") by up to 94.7% (*). At the Bolzano site, FERCAM has activated its own internal distribution pump for the supply of batches of pure HVO fuel, certified as coming from waste materials of biological origin. Pure HVO is not yet available for conventional filing stations.

In this first phase of the project, refuelling is foreseen for few vehicles carrying out regular services, on routes with daily return to the site. In particular, the vehicles operating in South Tyrol and used for the laundry service in the hospitals of the Province of Bolzano as well as a truck for daily transalpine transports between Bolzano and Munich will be fuelled with HVO fuel.

Our Emission Free Project aims at a step-by-step abandonment of fossil fuels in favour of biofuels. To support this important step, you can choose to have your goods transported by vehicles powered by alternative fuels: together we have the opportunity to move towards a more sustainable tomorrow. FERCAM is therefore seeking the interest and support of customers who want to become an active part of the transport decarbonisation process. Are you interested? Contact our team for more information.

(*) 2020 ENI data. The reduction is intended calculated in relation to the fossil-mix reference, under the “REDII” Directive.

The benefits of HVO hydrogenated biofuel

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