Florence Biennale - FERCAM Sustainability Partner
Florence Biennale - FERCAM Sustainability Partner
Florence Biennale

FERCAM, Sustainability Partner of the XIV Florence Biennale

The partnership for sustainability with the Florence Biennale, International Contemporary Art and Design Exhibition, is certainly the result of a shared vision and a concrete manifestation of FERCAM's commitment to the world of contemporary art, to which the logistics and transportation company has consistently devoted attention and support over the years.

The agreement involves collaboration on various fronts: in addition to managing logistics operations, FERCAM will donate some large crates for the spontaneous production of artworks during the exhibition, as well as furniture made from wood obtained from pallets in FERCAM Echo Labs' carpentry workshop. The schedule of activities also includes the screening of the documentary "The Invisible Journey: Jago's Art in Motion," born from the collaboration between FERCAM and Jago and an emotionally compelling behind-the-scenes narrative of the handling operations of the Pietà.

FERCAM as a Sustainability Partner

In 2023 FERCAM was selected by the organizers of various events in Italy as a Sustainability Partner, supported by the non-profit enterprise of the Group, FERCAM Echo Labs. This thanks to its investments aimed at reducing emissions from its business activities, particularly through initiatives related to the Emission Free Project, and its commitment to creating virtuous networks to engage the entire supply chain in achieving environmental impact reduction goals

FERCAM Echo Labs promotes innovation in the logistics sector with a focus on sustainable growth, placing the well-being of people and the careful and prudent use of resources at its core. This social enterprise promotes circular economy processes, social integration, biodiversity, and the regeneration of living and working environments, connecting a network of individuals and organizations that share the same values and objectives in line with the UN Agenda 2030

Eco-Design and Upcycling for Art Logistics

Together, FERCAM Echo Labs and FERCAM Fine Art have created “REcrate”, a circular economy project that leverages diverse expertise with a common goal: to introduce an innovative and more responsible model for art logistics. REcrate is an initiative for the refurbishment of wooden crates used for transporting artworks, recycling the raw materials to initially construct new crates and, when no longer feasible, repurposing the wood for projects within Echo Labs' social carpentry workshop, where it is used for upcycled crafts and furniture production.


FERCAM Fine Art was established to preserve, protect, transport, and make accessible national and international artistic heritage in the safest and most delicate manner possible. The service provides a range of innovative techniques to support the needs of museums, art galleries, auction houses, artists, and private collectors. Available to clients is not only a team of specialized technicians but also an in-house carpentry workshop for the creation of custom, high-quality packaging, storage facilities, and vaults for the secure storage of assets, as well as a dedicated fleet of equipped and climate-controlled vehicles.