FERCAM receives the new 100% electric eActros 300 City Tractor

(Bolzano, 6th November 2023) FERCAM, already a commercial partner of Daimler Truck Italy for industrial vehicles, has once again chosen an Actros for the expansion of its zero-emission fleet. During the Ecomondo Fair 2023, FERCAM took delivery of the first unit of the eActros 300 City Tractor 100% electric, presented in an Italian premiere and mass-produced in the tractor version for sustainable short to medium range transport.

FERCAM New Mercedes-Benz eActros 300 City Tractor 100% electric

FERCAM has once again chosen the industrial vehicles of Daimler Truck Italy for the renewal of its zero-emission fleet. At the Ecomondo Fair 2023, it took delivery of the first example available on the Italian market of the new eActros 300 City Tractor 100% electric. The vehicle, which has been mass-produced since 2023 in the tractor version with a total ground weight of up to 40 tons, is specifically designed for short to medium range transport. The e-truck is based on the same technology as the eActros 300 van and has three battery packs, each with an installed capacity of 112 kWh, which allow for a range of up to 220 km.

FERCAM, a leading company in transportation and logistics, has always been committed to environmental protection through the adoption of innovative technologies that lead to the reduction of pollutant emissions. In order to reach its environmental compatibility goals, the company has launched the Emission Free Project, acting on multiple complementary fronts, such as the revision of its vehicle fleet, the intelligent and rational use of resources, and the transition to ecological drivetrains and fuels.

«We are proud to include in our fleet a new vehicle with innovative technology in terms of sustainability and efficiency; it represents a further important step towards logistics that is increasingly attentive to environmental protection needs. I am convinced that the ecological transition can only be achieved through a joint effort and active cooperation between vehicle manufacturers and logistics companies with a common goal to the benefit of all. In the recent past, we have made important agreements with various manufacturers for new generation electric tractors (not converted diesel trucks) and we are very satisfied to see the first results and to be among the first operators to be able to test this new 100% electric Mercedes-Benz eActros 300 City Tractor. We are also very confident that Daimler will keep the promise made for the eActros 600, the first tractor for long distances which should arrive by the end of 2024. The 100% electric eActros 300 City Tractor is particularly suitable for our customers who entrust us with medium-distance services, and we are sure that they will also positively welcome this technological innovation in the name of sustainability» said Hannes Baumgartner, CEO of FERCAM.