FERCAM Serbia: celebrating 5 years of good business strategies

August 2022 marks the first 5-year milestone for FERCAM Serbia. Flexibility and audacity in taking risks have rewarded the company's efforts, along routes across the whole of Europe, and through challenges such as the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
FERCAM Serbia: celebrating 5 years of good business strategies
Specializing in FTL transport in the Balkan region, at the heart of FERCAM Belgrade’s activities are the efforts of a highly motivated and positive team, and stable business relationships with hauliers. The latter benefit from FERCAM’s business strategies, financial stability, and planning expertise. Marko Kambic, Branch Manager, explains: «FERCAM aims at offering the best possible support to hauliers. We always try to maximize their efforts, organizing round trips whenever possible. This allows us to contain costs and is more environmentally sustainable. Moreover, we adopted specific policies to reach top efficiency. For example, every year we buy ferry tickets to the UK in bulk, so hauliers can save money and the process is simplified since we handle all payments and customs procedures directly». Testifying the durability of relations with subcontractors, by the end of the year 50 haulier trucks will sport the FERCAM logo, and by the end of 2025, the goal is to reach 200 branded trailers.

FERCAM’s Serbian Branch has set very high-quality standards, being able to guarantee to some top customers stable loading capacity year-round. «Our strategy focuses on being able to offer a higher quality service at competitive rates. One of our major strengths is our Customer Service, devoted to offering assistance to our existing customers, who therefore prove to be very loyal to our solutions», comments Kambic. The future development strategy is to further increase the loading capacity and expand on new territories, always with sustainability in mind.

Over the years, the team has grown up to 50 people, many of whom are young talents that entered the company right after graduating. A couple of years ago, the Branch has signed a partnership with the University of Belgrade, namely with the Transport & Traffic Engineering Faculty, which is actualized through various programs, including recurring student internships that most of the time lead directly to employment in the company.

«Our goal is for each person to be in the right place in the company, where they will achieve the best results and express their full potential. We are all working together as a solid team. I am proud to say that we have an exceptionally high retention rate: during these 5 years, we had a fluctuation rate that is practically zero. Many of our colleagues were friends that decided to join us, so it truly feels like we are a big family», Marko Kambic concludes.